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History Of Net Saree

The net saree originated in India during the Mughal period when it was worn by the prominent women of the court. Lace, also known as net, was made in England during the Victorian era. It was brought to India by the colonial rulers. Today we find types of this fabric brought from England such as tulle, fishnet and bobbinet. Today it is not only available in attractive colors but we also find attractive designs in it.

Net Saree Real Captivating Ethnic Wear

Net saree are made of carefully woven net with delicate accents on the pallu and border. These are most commonly worn by Zoroastrian and Parsi women who prefer to wear them on auspicious occasions and during weddings. Embellished and embroidered sarees help to give you a special look. This saree is also called net ki saree by many people. Creative designs and fun elements make them special. It does not fade easily so there are many options available to style it creatively.

Net Sarees For The Ultimate Queen Look

In recent years, the trend of different ethnic wear has increased globally in the fashion world. Net saree adds a new level of charm and sophistication to the outfit, seeing which designers and celebrities from all over the world are also adopting the glory of this new fabric. This saree has won everyone's heart not only in India but also abroad. Net ki saree made of transparent material gives a unique feel. It is made in such a way by adding modern elements to the traditional weave, which helps in adding a sense of softness. Famous national and international celebrities like to wear modern net saree on the red carpet. In the summer season, you can also pair it with light ethnic wear and you can also enhance your look with jewelry.

Compared to other sarees, you can wear net sarees at festivals, weddings, parties, and various occasions. If you want to see your look like an actress, then buy net ki sadi for yourself today at an attractive discount price from here.

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The beauty of net saree lies in the fact that it exudes a very delicate and feminine appeal. Today, it is in sync with the sheer trend which is one of the trends this year. Talking about the most popular net saree designs, those saree designs are made in nylon net sarees which are adorned with special crystals, skillful patchwork, beautiful embroidery and lace. Apart from charming women, this saree is also popular among celebrities due to its natural stylish look. Whether you want to wear it in your daily life or on special occasions, deianasfashion provides you with all types of modern designs.

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Party Wear Net Saree Design & Types

नेट वाली साड़ी can be worn not only in parties but also on different occasions without deviating from the theme. Let us know in detail about the different types of this saree

Net Embroidery Saree

Net embroidery sarees are made with gorgeous to subtle embroidery. It is a great choice for family functions and wedding wear.

Sequined Net Saree

The combination of sequin work and net fabric looks great together. The shine of sequins and the transparency of net adds a contemporary touch to the saree. It is a perfect choice for cocktail parties, concerts and engagement ceremonies.

Floral Net Saree

Women today prefer to wear clothes with beautiful floral designs on them. It will help to make your look modern.

Lace Net Saree

This saree is considered best to wear in receptions, grand ceremonies, and weddings.

Beaded Net Saree

Whether you are planning to attend a formal event or a wedding, this saree will play an important role in giving you an ethereal look. It gives an attractive vibrancy which mesmerizes the onlooker with its beautiful shine.

Printed Net Saree

This is a nice mix of print and net but is very attractive. It is known for its shine which you can wear even in festivals.

Ombre Net Saree

When a dark shade of light color is applied on this saree, everyone finds it amazing to see. That is why this saree can be worn in parties, receptions and special events. Mostly newly married women like to wear it.

Two-Tone Net Saree

This saree is made using two different complementary colors. Everyone gets mesmerized after seeing it. It gives a bell-shaped shape to the body.

Zari Net Saree

Intricate zari work and metallic embroidery threads play an important role in giving this saree a traditional look. It is the perfect choice for wedding season and formal parties.

Ruffled Net Sarees

If you want to give yourself a fluffy look then this saree is the one you should choose. Women can add net ruffles on the pallu and sleeves of the blouse. It looks appropriate in the eyes of the onlookers.

What Makes Net Sarees A Timeless Style?

Modern net saree has always been an outfit that enhances the charm of every woman. Have you ever wondered how this saree rules the world even after the coming and going of different saree trends? Then let us try to know what makes net sarees special.


There are very few clothes that make us feel comfortable along with stylish look. Made of airy and light material, this saree keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Also allows you to stay flexible.

Effortless Style

With a wide variety and design, this saree helps you to give a modern look. Wedding net saree which you can wear not only in weddings but also in other festivals. It is also known to give a glamorous look.


You get to see the most variety in this saree as compared to other sarees. Every woman can choose it according to her skin. Party wear net saree design check now and choose one that suits you. 

FAQs of Net Saree

Q.1- What makes net sarees perfect for parties?

This saree is best for party wear as it is a thin and transparent saree that fits well on the body. Sequins, patchwork, embroidery and fabric flowers play an important role in giving a stunning and dazzling look.

Q. 2- What is the best way to wash net sarees?

Whenever you wash these sarees, you should use salt water. Doing this helps in locking the colors. Salt prevents it from fading and transferring to each other. Apart from this, you can also use non-chemical detergents and organic detergents. But you should avoid using hard detergents.

Q.3- What jewelry goes well with net ki saree?

Net ki sadi is best for accessories. Because it gives a lot of space to the jewelry. You should wear big statement earrings with this saree. Apart from this, a long and statement necklace also looks good on you. If you want, you can also wear them with beautiful gems.